An Introduction to Project Based Learning
August 9 - 11, 2016 - Cafe' College

The WOW! PBL Academy is a dynamic, exciting event offering teachers the opportunity to become WOW! Master teachers through empathetic professional development. The WOW! PBL Academy combines Project Based Learning, technology integration, and your subject-area expertise into a winning mix like nothing you've experienced before. If you want to practice learning like your students, it's time to experience what 21st Century education can be with the WOW! PBL Academy. You will experience questioning, critical thinking, and higher order thinking skills as they apply to the TEKS in a subject area of your choice. At least one administrator is required to attend for at least one hour the last day of this four-day event. WOW is FREE for GEAR UP State Grant participating districts.

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WOW in Alief ISD

What are teachers saying about WOW Academy?

This workshop was Awesome!!! I really enjoyed it and can't wait to start this in my classes!

I loved the WOW! Academy even though I was terrified to present at the end!! I learned so much and I'm already using it in class.

Best workshop by far!

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