Exploring mLearning K-12

5 iOS mobile apps that can be used in a K-12 class


What is this? Typist is an app that focuses on our typing abilities and stresses the user not to look at the keyboard. It also talks about how Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets do incorporate typing, the speed and skills do not translate into longer essay writing.

How to benefit students: The opportunity to use this app is when computer activities are scheduled. The 21st century is technology heavy so as educators we must help prepare students.

World Explorer

What is this? Much like google maps, World Explorer is a worldwide guide for virtual walks in streets around the world while learning monuments and other places that they may encounter. So you get visual images and descriptions related to the area.

How to Benefit students: With over 850 000 rated points of interest, a history teacher could utilize this app to help kids find information on monuments, sites or cities they may be learning about.

Flashcard Hero Free

What is this? Remember all those flash cards you made growing up? All that paper just for one exam. This app allows users to create digital flash cards for what ever use wanted just like before. Also this time you wont lose those cards. Could also simply use this app for note taking.

How to Benefit students: As a teacher it is important to reveal what flash cards are to kids because it is such a great studying tool that has worked for many students before. Let students use this app during independent study or even in groups and of course encouraged for outside the classroom study.


What is this? Is for creating electronic storybooks and basically gives you everything one might want to add to their storybook. Could be text, illustrations, or even sounds. The story is easy to edit.

How to benefit students: You could use this for lower grades to get kids thinking creatively in making their own stories. Have them read out their stories in front of the class. ESL students could use for language development. You could asks kids to add to the story on a weekly basis.

Math Quiz for all

What is this? Pretty simple but an app that tests your basic math fundamentals. Available for all ages, endless questions and keeps score.

How to benefit students: for any students that are just learning the basics or need more practice in the field.

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