Overview on How Evacuated Tube Work


In the electrode of vacuum tube, to see how evacuated tube work, the most important thing should belong to the cathode, which is responsible for releasing an electron, as the basic to all movements. The first vacuum tube because of its simple structure and theory, directly use the filament as cathode, in other words, when the filament light, because the filament temperature increase, electron is released from the filament, through a gate and straight to the plate. The vacuum tube is known as "direct thermal vacuum".

With the continuous improvement of people's lives, never leave home and enjoy a hot bath every day has become a kind of modern civilized life style, economic and convenient solar water heater china can meet the demand of the people. However, facing the wide variety of solar products, how do consumers buy a satisfactory water heater? China solar collector expert warns customer, we not only need "four tips" for choosing and buying solar energy, but also need to know how evacuated tube work.

1.The concentrated heating effect. Strong or the weak ability of concentrated heating is the important symbol of measuring solar water heater china performance is also important to influence water heater to gain heat. To know how evacuated tube work, vacuum tube is the "heart" of solar energy collection, it converts light energy into heat energy; let the hot water tank warm. So for the same vacuum tube heater outside under the same condition, the amount of heat will affect the high and low level of water temperature. To know how evacuated tube work, we need to know that at present, there are two kinds of vacuum tubes, one kind is the traditional gradient film manufacture process of vacuum tube, the other is to adopt international leading interference film made in patent technology, which has a "high temperature resistant, cold resistant, more efficient" characters.

The latter is alternative products of the former, it will improve water heater rate up to 30%, which completely solved the traditional vacuum tube problem of weather. In addition, this year on the market there is a "winter champion's league in 210 China solar collector, it is based on the design of winter use, its concentrated heating ability is stronger, it has advantages of warming faster, more province. 210 cm large vacuum tube will gradually replace traditional tubular solar, it will work fine in winter, and stands for the future development trend of solar water heater, it is the first choice for consumers to enjoy the green civilization hot water.

2. To know how evacuated tube work, we need to see heat preservation performance. Storage tank is the storage of "hot water"; its performance is mainly manifested on the heat preservation effect. Good heat preservation water tank not only has thick insulation layer, but also needs the heat preservation material and process. Currently the world's most advanced production technology is in China, which adopts fully automatic numerical control constant temperature constant pressure quantitative foam, using high temperature curing processing, with thick insulation layer, layer ensures that the quality is more close symmetry, heat preservation performance is more durable. We supply the following products: solar geyser cost solar geyser price low cost solar geyser

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