Meiosis in 60 s

Here's an explanation of Twitter in 60 seconds:

Can you explain the process of meiosis in 60 s?

Earlier this semester, we learned about mitosis, a process used by all cells to reproduce asexually, and for growth, repair & replacement of damaged cells in multicellular organisms.

Mitosis produces identical daughter cells...which is great for the processes identified above but isn't good for producing the variety a species requires to be able to adapt and evolve in a changing world.

Meiosis is used for sexual reproduction... can you explain it in 60 seconds?

Meiosis: The Great Divide (by the Amoeba Sisters)

IB Biology Guide

Your video should address the understandings in the IB Biology Guide topics 3.3 and 10.1.

  • meiosis I
  • meiosis II
  • crossing over/formation of chiasmata
  • processes leading to genetic variation

Don't worry about applications and skills... we'll address those in class.

Your Assignment!

Create a video that effectively explains meiosis in 60 s ± 5 s!

  • be creative! use drawings, photos, plasticine, pipe cleaners or whatever helps you best explain
  • if using photos, please choose those available for use through Creative Commons licences (but still credit them at the end of your video!)
  • you may record the video, or create using PowToon or another app
  • Post your video to YouTube on December 19th, and share the link with the class using ManageBac or leave a comment below.
  • If you're on Twitter, tweet a link using the hashtag: #IBBioVideos