How to Clean Roman Blinds

Cleaning roman blinds is not as difficult a task as you might imagine. But before you begin cleaning your roman blinds, it might be worth your time to read the instruction leaflet that came with the product. This is to make sure that your roman blinds are washable.

Material used in the making of roman blinds range from fabrics like suede, silk, cotton, hemp, linen to wood. Over time they will collect dust and will need vacuuming (once a week) and an occasional good cleaning (every alternate month). How you clean your roman blinds will depend on the type of material used in its manufacture.

Step 1 – Vacuuming: Before you being, attach the upholstery attachment to your vacuum cleaner and gently run the suction end over the blind. If necessary, use the crevice attachment for blinds with folds.

Step 2 - Spot Cleaning: If you have fabric roman blinds and you notice any dirt spots or stains on them, use a damp cloth and spot removing solution (the kind that is safe for coloured fabrics). First try with a damp cloth and if that does not remove the stand then only use the stain remover.

Step 3 -Washing the Blinds: Choose a non-rainy day for this job. If the blinds have not been cleaned in a long time and appear to have collected a lot of dust then; after making sure the blinds are washable, take down the Custom Shutters Australia and remove all detachable plastic attachments from the blinds.

Put the blinds on a safe clean surface and give them a gentle wash using a mild detergent. When done just hang them out in a shady place to dry naturally.

Step 4 - Steam Cleaning: This also applies to non-washable blinds. Despite regular vacuuming and spot cleaning, over a period of time the blinds will collect bacteria. You can rectify this by steam cleaning the External Louvre Shutters.

Blinds should be cleaned and free of dust before you steam clean. The Plantation Shutters Online need not be removed and can be steam cleaned in place however, don’t take the nozzle to close to the blind. Depending on how hot the steam is, a 3 to 5 inch distance is recommended - you don’t want to scald the material or dampen it too much.

Step 5 - Cleaning Your Wood Blinds: First vacuum the blind and then apply a “wood only” cleaner - after reading manufacturer’s instructions on how to use the cleaner.

The above 5 steps apply to both sides of the blinds. Always clean both sides of the blind.

If all this appears too much or you don’t fancy doing this yourself, call up a local laundry that specializes in blinds washing and or cleaning. You will have to take down the roman blinds and remove plastic / metal attachments before giving them for cleaning.