The Population of Uganda

Current Population Trends

Current population in Uganda has had an up and down population change, but overall and recently, there has been an increase of 3.3% each year. There is currently about 37.58 million, however, in 2040, there is a projected amount of 93.63 million people in Uganda. There is about 90 people per square kilometer, and the average family has about 6.7 children. The average life expectancy is about 45 years old.

Risks of a Large Population for Uganda

The population of Uganda is mostly youth, in fact, Uganda is the world's youngest population. Because of this, there is more pressure put on the younger youth to work and be the supporters of the country and families. because sometimes this cant be attained, Uganda is in a depth of poverty, with very low means of getting out. Also, the low amount of resources in Uganda are being strained because it is becoming harder for their country to be able to provide for themselves and each other because there are so many people, and they cant possible provide for everyone.

Potential Solutions

There are only a few potential solutions to this problem. One being birth control. If more families are aware of the number of children they have, and are on birth control of sorts, the population would not be at as much of a risk. Another possible solution is to have the youth become more successful in the workplace. If you can get the majority of the population to work together to be able to provide for their country and their people, they will be able to get themselves out of poverty and have more resources available to them.

Uganda's Population Growth Affecting America

Because of the amount of limited resources in Uganda, they may need some help. Because we are such a plentiful economy, there is a good chance that Uganda will want our help with their poverty problems. Also, any opportunity that someone from Uganda would get, they would want to come to America. They would potentially overpopulate America as well, but only if it became more of a real occurrence for them to travel here.

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