Occultus Valley

By Annie Doran, Wiley Lyons, Elise Mason, and Gabrielle Tollefsen

The name of our community is Occultus Valley. What does our name mean? In Latin, the language of the Romans, our name means hidden valley which is what our community is. In our planned community, we have incorporated Greek and Roman legacies to make Greco-Roman society. We have used their legacies in government, law, history, entertainment, literature, architecture, science, math, and art. Using all of the legacies, we have created what we believe is the best example of a Greco-Roman society.

To the North and South two large hills rise, hiding the North, south, and West from the outside world, creating our hidden valley. The east faces the shore, providing a small beach area. Our temperate climate is ideal for a small community. The soothing river running through town is decorated with the stone arch bridges.


ARCHWAY: Our town forum, or town square, has only one main attraction. The large stone archway in the small field area. It has pictures and "nice graffiti" all over it to tell the story of our town. This large decoration is influenced by the Romans art and presentation. We want people to see it when they first enter our town, since there is only one entrance.


Occultus Valley is shaped like an circle. This benefits us because the flow and layout of the town come together nicely. We have our government buildings straight in and shops surrounding the large meeting place in the center, known as the forum.

Our Circular Community.


In our community we would have around 3,000 people. To house all these people we have a variety of houses. There would be the single family homes (typical 4-5 size family). Then the Apartment house (they would differ in size though.) Then the expensive houses some are as big as the apartments, and located next to the river for a pretty view. All of our houses are located around the town. Then the town meeting place or forum is located in the center with all the shops. To the left are all the educational aspects, and to the right is the entertainment.


Running on a diagonal through the center of town, meeting up with the fish bowl that will be wear we sell seafood which is influenced by the Greeks, will be the our nice river. About 20 feet across and at least 100 down, Our massive clear blue river will pop out from underground tunnels once in a while to e decorated by functional stone archway bridges. On the outside of town next to the river are some of our most expensive houses.


In our community we would have a fast and easy way to get around by the main road, that would be for buses and cars. Then we have a sidewalk for people riding there bikes, walking, running, etc. The roads will be kept up with nice landscaping of trees hovering over them.


Another thing that makes our community great is the entertainment values. From the theater to the small sports arena there are many places to go for entertainment. Our theater, inspired by Greek and Roman Literature, hosts plays and musicals of all types. The grand scale movie theater is great for watching movies on the big screen, or watching our town history movie. The LYRON STADIUM is our sports arena where high school sports are showcased.

Our Community components:

POLICE AND SAFETY: Everyone has the right to be protected. Citizens of Octulus valley will be protected by our police, firefighters, and Medical staff. The Police station is located near the goverment buildings in the forum.

GOVERNMENT AND LAW: Our government is from the Romans. There ideas of Direct democracy and having government from the people is the model for ours since we elect leaders who vote on laws and the government is from the people. Our judicial systems are the similar to since we both have juries and a head judge overruling the court.  Ideas from Justinian's code will be represented in our law. "Innocent until Proven guilty" and "The ability to represent ourselves" will be important. Our Government buildings are located straight into our town, in the forum.

SCIENCE AND MATH: Greek math influences our engineering and things students learn but not much in our community. Science is all around us and the Greeks discovered that, learning about Atoms. Chemistry and anatomy are also huge topics we learned from the Greeks but they're not really used in our community.

LITERATURE: The Romans spoke Latin which is the base for all the Romance Languages today. Even though English is not a Romance Language, it was still influenced by it. Many English words and roots come from the Latin language. Latin is found every where including money. We also borrowed the idea of plays from the Greeks and Romans.

ENTERTAINMENT: The Romans had many things they did for entertainment. They would mostly go to the Coliseum and watch gladiatorial fights, but they also did much more. They would go to the forum, bath houses, and theater. The bath houses were used for much more than bathing though. They had shops, pools, showers and people would go their to bath, shop, shower, and even for business.

ART: Our community as well as others have incorporated many of the Roman and Greek ideas. From the Romans we have mosaics, performing arts and of course sculptures. Then with the Greeks we have taken their ideas of pottery sculptures and wall painting. The art shown in all throughout our community. We have a gallery to share all the art. Wall paintings throughout homes, sculptures to commemorate people, places, and things.

ARCHITECTURE: The Romans and the Greeks had many different architectural techniques that we have in cooperated into our community. The Romans introduced concrete which we will be using. The Romans had as well bridges, forums, arches, and amphitheaters. Then the Greeks from the Greeks we gained columns, stoa, theaters. Theses aspects are all seen in our community.

HISTORICAL LEGACIES: Our community keeps a truthful and solid record of their history to better understand their past.They do not want repetition of their flaws, and want to use innovations from the past.

WALKING TOUR AND MUSEUM:Since our town history will be documented, it will be on display in Out Town History Museum. Also, after we went on the walk around Mariemont, we thought it would be a great idea to add our own walking tour to show the layout, and history of the town.

Since we want our community to be family friendly, we have included parks, Recreation centers, schools, libraries and many entertainment values.

Our planned community includes many ideas from Greek and Roman times. We have created a community entirely based off of Greek and Roman advancements. We have used everything from their ideas of government to their ideas of entertainment. While we were creating our planned community, we realized how much we have borrowed from the Greek and Romans. The Greeks and Romans have influenced the idea of almost everything in our world today. They have influenced everything from Town Square, NYC to movie theaters around the world. In conclusion, we included ideas and influences from the Greeks and Romans.

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