Mobile Apps

Melissa Neufeld

There are a series of mobile applications that can not only be used for entertainment, but also for education. I have listed a few below.

Google drive

What is this ? - Google drive is an online drive that saves documents, videos and photography. It is connected to a personal google account and updated regularly.

How can it be used? -  Students can access this app from different devices such as computers, tablets and even smartphones. It is synchronized to the google account which means it is always up to date and students can access their documents. This is what it looks like


What is this? - Geoboard is an app which provides tools for exploring a variety of mathematical topics. It represents topic from elementary grades up to middle grades.

How can it be used? - Students can access this app from their mobile devices. Learners stretch bands around pegs to form line segments and polygons. This is an example of what geoboard looks like


What is this ? - Kindle is an app that can be downloaded to an electrical device such as tablets and iphones. Just like downloading music and videos, kindle downloads books that can be accessed from different devices.

How can it be used? - Students no longer have to carry around their books, but can access it from their mobile device etc. Kindle accesses a variety of books and is very beneficial for the book lover. This is what it looks like

National Geographic World Atlas

What is this ? - The national geographic world app, is a display of  a high resolution map. It is delivering stunning detail, accuracy and beautiful images of the world.

How can it be used? - Students can find any country and any city in the world. Not only does it show the location, but also the local time, weather and important information about the city.

Merriam Webster Dictionary

What is this? - This is americas most useful and respected dictionary. Once a word is entered the definiton, origion, first use and synonyms are listed.

How can it be used? - This is a quick solution for looking up words. Students just have to enter a word and find everything they were looking for. No longer do students have to look it up in books or on a computer, but it can also be accessed on a regular smart phone.

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