Characteristics of a Good Saleperson

Hannah hitehead

Here's a list of the top 10 characteristics to being a great salesman!

#1 Be friendly!

Nobody likes a rude salesperson!

#2 Know what you're selling

You can't sell a product you know nothing about! Imagine a customer asking you a question about something you're trying to sell and you don't know the answer... Embarrassing!!

#3 Have integrity

Be honest in every situation.

#4 Have manners

No manners? Customers easily can get offended by that! Manners=Respect

#5 Know your customer

You wouldn't sell a 20 year old guy in college a mini van would you??

#6 Don't pressure customer!

Pressuring a customer could easily scare them away, or if they did buy what you're pressing to sell, they'd regret it and wouldn't want to come back to the store in fear of being pressured into buying something else.

#7 Always follow up

Customer satisfaction is the main concern. Follow up to see if the customer is happy with what they purchased, and if not, try to figure out a way to reimburse them.

#8 Be responsible

#9 Good ego-drive

Be positive and maintain reachable goals.

#10 ask customer quality questions

Getting to know your customer can be easy when you ask them questions! It's a great way to figure out exactly what they're looking for.

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