Superlantis, the country of and only for heroes. Charles Colors, famous discoverer, founded this country after he set on an adventure on sea to find new colors. Though he found no new colors, he discovered an island. He found this land to have very suitable conditions for all kinds of heroes so he made a formal invitation to heroes all over the world to migrate to this land. Famous figures such as Superman, Captain America, Doctors and many others have been known to live in this area. After hundreds of years this country became popular and set a "super culture" of its own.

      These heroes have a diverse entertainment taste. These heroes have an extremely lively and 4-D style of plays. They will portray any plot where there is a city to save and a happy ending. For sports the super heroes have a liking for supball. This is a combination of soccer and a high skill strategic game that tests the skills of the heroes. The favorite music for these heroes ranges from Super Pop to rock to the swing 50's hits. A common activity that the families in Superlantis do for fun is to fly to the top of Mount Colors and see the everlasting view of nature. All these activities affect the livelihood of the country in that all the people tend to have more skill and thinking in general because of the activities that they participate in.

    Superlantis has three major climate regions : Lively, Dark, and Temperate. In the Lively climate region the people who live there are usually the superheroes and the heroes with some sort of special ability. This in turns affects the climate and has very "lively" weather such as sunny days, warm temperatures, or in the other extreme really cold temperatures and cloudy days. In the Dark climate region, the super villains live. This region is permanently dark, cloudy, rainy with thunder, and filled with storms. The Temperate region is inhabited by the everyday heroes such as doctors, nurses, firefighters, police, and so forth. The climate in this area is very normal with temperatures not too high or low and usual clear skies.

    This country has a special taste in food. The superheroes like spaghetti, pasta, pizza and such Italian style foods. The villains like foods from the sea, such as caviar, sushi, octopus, clam, and lobster. The everyday heroes eat a whole array of Mexican food including burritos, quesadillas, tamales, tacos, mole, aguas frescas and pan dulce.  Though the heroes in this country are very loyal to their food categories, they are willing to try new things such as the other region's food.


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