Isaac Newton
by: Cassie Bakke

Issac Newton was born to Issac Newton Sr. and Hannah Ayscough.

Isaac Newtons' nationality was English.

Born December 25th 1642

Death March 17th 1727

at the age of 84

Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton was fiercely protected of his privacy.

Had fits of depression.

Outbursts of violent temper.

Yet he was capable of generosity and kindness.

Also not lacking skills in hospitality.

Isaac founded calculus.

He also worked on physics, mathematics, astronomy, and alchemy.

Newton also discovered the laws of motion.

Isaac told the story that he came up with the theory of gravity when he was hit in the head by a falling apple while sitting under the apple tree. It has been said that that story is a myth.


Isaac Newton attended Trinity College in Cambridge UK. He was apart of the royal Society and the Royal Mint. Newton wrote "Philisoppiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica" Discovered the laws of motion and Universal gravitation along with calculus.

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