Interplanetary Space


:Name of alien, Hydrobleek.

:Age on earth 12 years or 4418 days.

:Age on Jupiter 1 Jovian year or 10, 777 Jovian days.

:Weight on Earth, 130 pounds, weight on Jupiter, 307.32.

: Jupiter is a huge gas giant. No solid surfaces.

Basic Facts

: Jupiter is 5 planets from the sun.

: Jupiter has 4 moons, Lo, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto.

: Lo is the most volcanic body in the solar system.

: Europa's surface is mostly water/ice.

: Ganymede is the largest moon in are solar system.

: Callisto's surface is heavily cratered and ancient.

: Jupiter's atmosphere is the largest planetary atmosphere in the solar system. Jupiter's composition is hydrogen and helium.

: Jupiter's temperature is -145 degrees Celsius, and - 234 degrees Fahrenheit. But in the core is is 24,000 degrees Celsius, and 43,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

: The weather on Jupiter is huge storms, whipping winds, and storms that can last for hundreds of years. It's average temperature is -234'F-FRIGID.

A Day In The Life Page

: Jupiter revolves around the sun once every 11.86 earth years.

: Jupiter has the fastest rotation of any other planet.

: Length of a day on jupiter is about 10 hours long. Length of a year on jupiter is about 12 earth years.

: Jupiter is 43,411 miles wide.

Interesting Facts

Jupiter is such an amazing planet, it is a huge gas planet, and it has huge storms and massive winds. A cool thing about Jupiter is that is is ginormous, is 11 times bigger than the earths diameter. Also it has the shortest day of any planet in the solar system, 10 hours long. Jupiter has cloud features, the clouds are made of ammonia crystals. Also it has a tiny ring system , made of dust particles from Jupiter. Last but not least it is so large 3 Earths could fit in it.

It would be amazing to visit there, but you have to be careful.  Yu couldn't breathe because it doesn't have oxygen and you need to bring your own food supply.There is only, helium and hydrogen. You would need a device to hover over the planet because there are no solid surfaces.

Description of Alien

Hydrobleek, is found only on Jupiter. This  alien's  Hydrogen Helmet helps him breathe hydrogen on Jupiter and it coverts this gas into food. The Force Field slinky helps protect Hydrobleek from storms and heavy winds by creating a protective shield around his body. The Communication Disc helps him communicate with other Hydrobleek's  on Jupiter, acting like a Bluetooth device system. The Reflector Disc Belt acts like headlights on a car to assist him fly on his jet boots at night. The Jet Boots are because there is no real surface on Jupiter,  he needs to hover over it. The GPS assists Hydrobleek in finding the Great Red Spot, this is where his community has a habitat. Last but not least, is the Hydrogen Detector, that is to help find hydrogen to survive to breath and create the food.. Hydrobleek wears a blue warming suit to protect him from the extreme temperatures, Jupiter is -234'F.

Hydrobleek is on the top of the food chain because there is nothing else on Jupiter beside gas. He is a producer and consumer because his helmet helps him make the food.He is a herbivore because his helmet makes vegetables gel for him to eat, and that is all he eats.

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