Islamic Jihad Union (IJU)

The Islamic Jihad Union is rooted in central Asian. Their main base of operations is located in the lawless area along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

Members of the IJU are composed primarily of Central Asians, Turks, Germans and even Americans. Recently in 2012, the FBI arrested a large number of Americans who were attempting to flee the US and go to Turkey to join IJU forces.

Currently the IJU has not released any official mission statement or goals. When the IJU was founded it was focused on regional problems like over throwing the Uzbekistan government and creating an Islamic State. More recently the focus has transitioned from regional to global and IJU members have said they will fight until Islam dominates the world.

Currently the number of IJU members is around 100-200. Due to the recent transition into a global organization it is likely that this number will not only rise, but begin getting members in new countries.

The IJU was founded in 2002 after a portion of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) wanted to break away from focusing on just the Uzbekistan jihad and instead focus on the global jihad.

IJU fight against American and ISAF forces in Afghanistan. They pose a constant threat to all of Central Asia. Many of the acts performed by the IJU are suicide bombings that target specific groups like the police and other government agencies/employees. In recent years they have had plots to bomb a US Embassy's and US military bases. Luckily, the plots were discovered and prevented before any attacks were pulled off.

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