Tucker Lavigne

Concentration camp life and atrocities


Concentration camps for the Jews were nothing like the Nazi's advertised them. Daily life for the Jews was miserable and horrifying. Your day would start by the Nazi's screaming at you to hurry up and you would have to get up from your uncomftorable straw mattress. After this you would only have a couple of minutes to reach a sanitary facility. However, there were only a few facilities on the camp for many prisoners. Their breakfast consisted of a tasteless tin can full of coffee and 10 ounces of bread. The Nazi's would sometimes throw the bread in the mud and push you so the coffee would spill. After a yucky breakfast, it was now time for morning roll call. In morning roll call you had to stand still in lines for hours and the Nazi's would count each prisoner. Talking or moving in line was forbidden, many suffered from the cold weather. Now you had to prepare yourself for a 12-14 hour long shift of work. This was very hard and useless work. If you weren't working fast enough, you would be beaten and tortured. If you stopped working they would just kill you because you weren't providing any use for the Nazi's. Work included moving heavy bags, digging trenches and tunnels, and moving heavy stones. You would receive a quick lunch break and then return back to work in the afternoon. The afternoon work was always harder because you were in need of food and were very exhausted. However, you were not able to rest or slow down your work at all. Evening roll call would last hours, this was the time when the Nazi's would hang prisoners and proceed with other punishments. It is now time for dinner, your dinner would usually be a little bread and a tin can full of soup. In many people's daily lives, evening is a time to rest, however not for the jews. They would be sometimes ordered to do exercises. When it was finally time for bed, you had to sleep in a bunk with five other people and one blanket.


I chose this image to demonstrate the pain involved in roll call. In this image you see the jews having to stand still in the cold rain. The jews that couldn't stay still were beaten severely.

This image does a good job of capturing the miserable sleeping conditions. I chose this to show how the jews got little time to rest and when they did it was not enjoyable. I also think it is important for my audience to know how unhealthy our prisoners were and this image captures that.


I chose this video because we hear true stories about life in the concentration camps and what work they were put through. We also get a good sense of what the jews were thinking and their ideas throughout the events of concentration camps.

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