( A Historical Fiction )

San, Francisco 1906 Earthquake

By : Kairi

Jade Harley had just woken up.She had black hair,green eyes,and of course her trusty glasses.Looking through her closet she settled on a dark navy blue dress with white stitches.Later she ate breakfast,which consisted of bread and butter.When she was done she walked to school.At school she met up with her friend Dave.Like most of the kids in the school he had blonde hair with brown eyes.He wore a grey suit with a dark red tie.

" I don't like school,its so hot and some teachers don't even open the windows"Dave sighed.

'' I mean the least they could do is move some kids over to the new school a mile or two from here," agreed John ,walking up to Dave's side.

Dave tousled John's black and already messy hair

"Is that a new suit?" Dave inquired.

" No but it's a new tie" John responded whilst touching the light blue tie.

There was a rumble.

"Everyone get down,away from windows its an earthquake!" someone shouted.People were screaming,and running around.While others were paralyzed with fear.

John shoved Jade and Dave down under a desk,and yelled "stay there!".Then he ran off.Finally the earthquake stopped.

"Is everyone okay?" shouted a teacher who had just risen.

"No" a girl said,her voice barely above a whisper.

The teacher turned and looked at a body underneath a pile of broken wall.The teacher and several other students ran over to help the boy underneath.As soon as they got the chunks of wall off the body.

"I don't think he's breathing" someone shouted.

"Oh my god,it's Jo-"said Jade.She was interrupted by screaming

"Everyone get out there's a fire!" the teacher yelled.

The orange and yellow flames licked up the walls.People screaming in the distance it was all to much.That was all that happened before a blackness came over her.

"Thank goodness you're awake" said her grandfather.

She was confused.Where was she?What happened? She was in a strange place.Not her home.She smelled fresh baked bread.

"I brought you to a friend of mine's house,she's really good at taking care of people." her grandfather continued.

"Hello,My name is Rose,you blacked out and your friend Dave helped you and your friend to your grand fathers house where he drove to my house outside the city," Rose introduced.

"Where is John?Is he okay?" Jade inquired.

"Does he wear a suit with a blue tie?" Rose questioned.

"Yes that's him" Jade replied.

"He wasn't as fortunate as you"Rose replied ."Hopefully with luck we can put a bit more life in his lungs" she said.

Someone new walked into the room it was Dave."You're alive,I'm so happy"After the greetings both of them were set on seeing John.

After being bothered for five minutes straight Rose finally agreed to let them see John.

"Is he doing okay, is he going to live?" inquired Jade.

"Time will tell, but I think so".Rose replied with a small dull twinkle in her eye.

Years later the three of them still remember the days that the San Francisco earthquake hit.John is not the same but he is alive and is gradually returning to normal.Dave has become a very successful  composer,and Jade decided to become a scientist.Rose is a very good seamstress and is world renown.Jade's grandfather died at an old age of 75.The teacher who helped John still works at the school that has been luckily rebuilt.

The song above is by Herman Fink.
He was an artist in the 1900's.

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