Seven Things You Don't Need to Know About ME!

By Ruby Hughan

1. I have 18 pets. Including Cats, Dogs, Chickens, Pigs, Donkeys and Sheep. They are wonderful pets and lovely to be around.

Sheep: Poppy (Top), Louie (Left), Maisie (Right)

Chickens: Spy, Pecker, Penny

Chicks we haven't named yet

Donkeys: Mickey (Left), Amy (Right)

Cats: Rooney (Top Right), Ryan (Rooney's Twin) (Top Left), Mischief (Bottom Left), Sunny (Bottom Right)

Dogs: Mila (Top Right), Jack (Top Left), Lucy (Bottom)

Video: Mila and my Dad

2. I love Minecraft

3. I lived in Wellington for 10 years (I moved here 2 years ago). When I was there I went to Ngaio Primary School for 5 years. I also would've gone to Raroa Intermediate.

4. I love watching Masterchef, MKR, Xfactor and "Got Talent" shows. I love watching them because it gives you something to look foward to and it gives you some inspiration and ideas for what you want to do when you are older. Also the shows are entertaining.

5. I have a family of five. They are my Mum, Irene my Dad, Steve and my sisters are Rachel and Anelise. Rachel is really nice and goes to Massey University and in her 2nd year training to become Veterinarian. Anelise is my little, annoying and lovely little sister.

6. My favourite foods are

Soy and Mild Spice Noodles, Subway, Passionfruits, Pasta,

Chocolate Chip Biscuits, Chocolate, Lollies, and Crepes

7. I am a ...............

(That means I don't eat meat)

(Also I have NEVER EVER been to McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, Burger Fuel, Carl's Junior or anything that has fatty meaty food, and never intend to.)

These are the Seven Things you Really Don't Need to
Know About Me!

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