there so cute

Husky's are adorable. They love to play and they also love to cuddle. the good thing about this is that they do well in the spring and winter. They are also good family pets to have. I like husky's because they are hyper. Husky's are the closest decedents form the wolf. They love the snow because that when you can let them do there passion. They are originally from Alaska so that how they found there passion and that passion is dog sledding.

HERE are some facts about the husky's in case you want to adopt one.

They are hyper, and they are a resilient breed whose ancestors came from the extremely cold and harsh environment called Siberia Alaska.

These are hwy they make a great pet.

1) they are have a adaptability

2) they have a high affectionate level

3) they are very child friendly

4) they have a high dog friendly level

5) they need exercise

6) They don't have a lot of health problems

7) they are very intelligent

8) they have a high shedding level.

9) they are stranger friendly

10) They are very social

11) they aren't that territorial

12) they DON'T make good watch dogs

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