7th Grade Memories

Top 10 Favorite 7th Grade Moments

#1 Kenston Basketball

The Kenston School girls basketball team had an undefeated season with a record of 16-0. We came home as CVC Champs of 2015.

#2 Improv Basketball

Improv Basketball is an AAU team. The season started shortly after Kenston Basketball ended and goes to about the end of May. This is my first year playing in this league and so far it has been a great experience.  

#3 Kenston Cross Country

Cross Country was a great sport. At first it was very hard conditioning but after a weeks worth of practice it started to get very easy. I made great friends from joining the team and built up a lot of endurance for basketball. Running at meets on the trails was very fun and excited, being in the woods was nice and shady but it was beautiful.

#4 7th Grade Camp

7th Grade Camp was one of the best times of the year. I got to experience so many cool things and become better friends with great people. Our counselor; Sarah Lennon (we call her Doyle) was the best and I'm so glad we got her as a counselor. Each of us had a fun time at Camp Mowana and got to learn so many fascinating things.

#5 Formal Dance

The Formal Dance was exciting. Getting ready was the best part. Sarah, Alex, and I all celebrated Sarah's 13th birthday. When we got to the dance it was very loud and wild in the gym (where the dance was held). We all had a great time and when the dance was over we said bye to all our friends then went to Menchie's to eat frozen yogurt.

#6 Dave & Buster's

Dave & Buster's was an awesome experience! Audrey, Peyton, Sarah, and I went there to celebrate Peyton's 13th birthday. Peyton didn't know about it at first. Mrs. Raypholtz (Peyton's mom) had picked Sarah and I up after telling Peyton she was going out to get Pizza. When we got to Peyton's house we walked in the room and yelled, "Surprise"! Peyton was very happy and excited to hear we were heading out to go to Dave & Buster's. I am so glad we went.

#7 Legacy Village

Legacy Village is an outdoor shopping center. A couple of friends and I went there to celebrate Keenan's 13th birthday. It was a very cold night so we decided to get hot coffee from Starbucks, which quickly warmed us up. We visited many shops and overall it was a great time.

#8 S.T.A.N.D

Students Taking A New Direction

S.T.A.N.D is a great program for every kid to be helped by others. The committee members are very dedicated students from Kenston representing their school in a positive way. They take time from their day to help in the community and make sure that the students that don't feel like an equal feel like they truly belong and show them people care. S.T.A.N.D stands for "Students Taking A New Direction".

#9 Kenston Track

We had a great season in track, Kenston was CVC Champs. Doing track was very fun and helped a lot with your stamina in other sports. I am glad I got the opportunity to be able to be apart of the team. My events were long jump, 400m, and the 4x4 relay.

#10 Spring Break

Spring Break was great! I normally go to Texas every year but this year I stayed home. I got to go do many fun things in the area and one of them was Zip City. Anna, Mia, Sarah, and I all went to Zip City, we had a  blast. After awhile we decided to get ice cream and soda. Once we got our snack and were done with it we went to jump on the trampolines until it was time to go. It wad an awesome way to end Spring Break.

HELA Outsiders' Day

Outsiders' Day was really fun and memorable. We got to work with our peers in different games and activities. There was two seperate groups; Greasers and Socs. I dressed up as a Greaser, overall the day was great and an awesome learning experience.

Digital Skills

Digital Skills was a fun but educational class. We learned how to use computers for the better, Mr. Timmons (the teacher) taught us how to use photo shop as well. I enjoyed the class and all the activities, I learned many helpful tips on how to use different websites and apps including Google.


Lunch is one of my favorite mods of the day, I have it mod 11. I sit with 4 other people; Anna, Mia, Sarah, and Audrey. We used to sit at a different table earlier in the year with different people but then moved to a table near the door that leads to the outside tables. Lunch is always the best part of the day but unfortunately some of our other friends are in the mod 12 lunch.


For my 13th birthday Sarah and I went to Kalahari; an indoor water park in Sandusky, Ohio. It was very hot inside but the great rides made up for it. We both had a blast and I wish I could go back.

A Precept To Get You Through 7th Grade

Take every mistake as an experience to learn from.

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