Adolf Hitler
Germanys greatest leader

Hitler was born in Austria-hungry on may 20 1889 . After World War I he became a leader in Germany's reform and in 1933 he became dictator of Germany . He ruled for over eleven years . Hitler the chancellor of Germany and made Germany a powerful country in a short time . Like Hitler rise his defeat was quickly defeated after he marred Eva braun he finally killed himself .

Hitlers rise to power

After World War I Germany had a weak government and many political opportunists . Hitler who was on the western front for almost all of the war . He's was disgusted in Germany's surrender at the end of world war II . Hitler believed that Germany had be betrayed by Her leaders and Marxists . He found the treaty of Versailles degrading and unfair for the German people and the treaty was . It forced Germany to have no military, almost no production, and it crippled Germany's economy . Adolf Hitler protested the treaty , Marxism , Jews , and the leaders of Germany at that time . Hitler with the (SA) stormed a large beer hall in Munich Germany. He was later arrested and convicted for high treason he spent a year in prison . After prison got support from many Germans by 1933 Hitler was in power of all of Germany. Hitler was elected by Germans as chancellor of Germany leader of all arm forces and all the government . Hitler left the league of nations and wanted to expand his powe to the world.

Hitler style of government

Hitler style of government was a dictatorship . Hitler wanted a dictatorship the NAZI party was the only legal party in Germany during his leadership. Hitler took complete control of Germany's legislative branch and all of Germany . This due to the German people voting to outlaw all political party's but the NAZI's. Hitler took control of all radio broadcast , censored only books he wanted Germans to read . Hitler with help of Heinrich Himmler they took full control of the German media and used it to rally German support for world war II . Hitler government was to almost brain wash German minds .

Domstic policys

Hitler home plans was to make a perfect race a Aryan Race or the Master race. For this to happen Hitler had to get rid of any impurity in Germany this means Jews , homosexuals , mentally and physically challenged people. Anyone who didn't fit the Aryan description of well built, blond hair , blue eyed almost perfect people . Hitler soon carried on to put Jews and anyone not Aryan into ghettos later he would send them to concentration camps .  Hitler most infamous policy was the "final solution" Hitler wanted to kill all non-Aryans  and he did with the help of the "SS". Hitler killed over 6,000,000 Jews and cover another 4,00,000 non-Jews.Another odd fact Hitler was also the first to start anti-smoking and anti-alcohol campaigns and other social reforms . Hitler also built of Germany's military and their economy at a rapid rate over the course of only five years germany was

foreign policy

Hitler foreign policy was something of invaded and conquer as much land has he could . Hitler waned something called "Lebensraum" or living space for German master race of Aryans. Hitler as able to take almost all of Europe in less then two years only great Britain and Russia stood in Germany's way . Hitler violated the treaty of Versailles man time in this time and time and time before by first having a  military and invading the land around him .This was the spark of World War II and the start of the end of Germany.

NEWS on Hitler
Hitler on meth /\\

In a recent report on USA-Today stated that the Adolf Hitler was on crystal meth when he ruled Germany. It was said in a 1943 meeting with Mussolini he took over over nine shots of methamphetamine or meth and ranted for over 2 hours . It was said that hitler used over 74 drugs including meth and cocaine . This report is from October 14, 2014 .


Hitler is best know for two major event in history . I,ll start with the holocaust or the killing of over 6,000,000 Jews . Hitler is the face of the Holocaust   . Seconded is the the start of world war II this was triggered by the invasion of Poland in the September of 1939 . Hitler is the world wide face for evil for his crime against humanity .

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