Come visit California for its amazing attractions sights and more!You will love the cities of Sacremento,Oakland,San francisco,San diego,Hollywood,and Pasadena.You will also see the golden gate bridge and the worlds tallest redwood tree.In Hollywood,you could see some of your favorite movie stars and celebrities.California has 33,871,648 people in it so you have a good chance to see someone you like.But there are things about sports too.You could see a San francisco 49ers football game.Ive heard that they have a few factory tours.The concessions there are really good to.You could see the San francisco giants baseball game or two.You could have a really good chance to see the Los Angelas lakers play a few times. they play almost twice a week.The giants have really good home run hitters.They also have great pitchers and out fielders.You could see Mt. Whitley.It is the tallest point in California.You could see a lot of things in California.

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