Definition: An educated guess based on evidence and reasoning.

Examples of inferences:

  • 1. " Sally arrives at home at 4:30 and knows that her mother does not get off of work until 5. Sally also sees that the lights are off in their house." I infer that sally's mom is not home yet, based on how the lights are off.
  • 2."Norman sees cookie crumbs on the floor and chocolate around his son's mouth." I infer that Norman's son ate cookies from the cookie jar, based on how there are crumbs on the floor.
  • 3. "A woman walks into a store soaking wet and it is raining." I infer that the woman walked to the store, and forgot an umbrella. I think this because she is soaking wet.

From this picture, I infer that the boy does not want to eat his vegetables. I think this because he has an annoyed look on his face and hasn't eaten any of it.

From this picture, I infer that this man is at work and he is yelling at his kids from the phone because they didn't do their chores. I infer this because he is frowning and yelling at the phone.

From this picture, I infer that the girl is getting made fun of by the cheerleaders. I think this because she is alone, and sad. They are whispering while staring at her.

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