Cassie Labay


Photographer's note: This picture was taken at Midway High School's one act play rehearsal before the State competition. This photo along with the others were taken with a DSLR Canon Rebel T3. This was a great experience and really brought me closer into understanding how to use your subject's energy and share some of the same emotions. i don't know if it was just the group of people, the production, or the tension in the air that day, but i would say this was one of my most successful shoots yet.

Author's note: This is a behind the scenes photo of the Midway High one act play production. I could not only feel the energy when i was close to the stage but also when i was up in the booth. I could really feel the buzz of excitement in the air and the tensions of going to State competition.

Author's note: This photo, along with others, was taken at one of the many Midway High School swim meets i attended this year as a secondary photographer. I loved working with this group. They used each others energy and were a truly great group of swimmers, students, and overall characters. I loved taking their portraits because they always turned out funny and fun to look at and i could really see a bit of each persons personality in each portrait i took.

Author's note: Lastly this picture was taken in the spring of 2013. This photo is of my best friend. It was taken with a Kodak point and shoot when I was just starting out and I took it after a day of hanging out and running around and I didn't think much of it at the time. I later went in and enhanced the colors with CS6.