I believe motivation is something we all have to create for ourselves. One reason is because the injured veteran from the “Amazing Transformation” video felt no motivation in himself until one personal trainer believed in him. I will Admit you will never feel motivation  in yourself till someone believes in you that's how people will keep themselves motivated to never give up. On the other hand , we are all capable of motivating ourselves, especially when another person shows hope for us. In short you have to keep yourself motivated to want something accomplish.

Just because you don't see results after a day or even a week , don't give up. you may not see changes , but every smart choice you make is affecting you in ways you would never imagine.

No one will hit you harder than life itself. It doesn't matter how you hit back. Its about how many you can take, and keep fighting, how much you can suffer and keep moving forward that's how you win

Believe in yourself. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any Obstacle. Frustration is big motivation

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