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401K Plan - Extremely Low Risk, Low Reward

This plan will set you up for retirement, and is not a risky plan at all, I highly recommend it to all customers.

Bonds - Low Risk, Low Reward

These bonds are a solid investment if you're looking for a good place to store a lot of money, and the risk will vary depending on the nature of the company issuing the bond.

CD's - Low Risk, Low Reward

CD's are a low risk investment if you're looking for a safe place to store some money for a limited amount of time, these are technically easier because you don't have to decide when you take your money out of the investment.

Corporate Bonds - Variable Risk, Variable Reward

These bonds are issued by Corporations and so the reward can be incredibly high if you pick the right corporation to invest in, but the risk is also there. Some of the most rewarding investments are also the most risky.

Municipal Bonds - Low Risk, Low Reward

These are bonds issued by the local or state government, they are fairly low risk but are not going to have a very high reward on investment.

Money Market Mutual Funds - Low Risk, Low Reward

Extremely safe place for you to invest, easy to work with. High liquidity.

Junk Bonds - High Risk, High Reward

These are bonds that have potentially huge upside, but are also often sketchy and backfire if you pick the wrong bond.

Government Savings Bonds - Low Risk, Low Reward

These are guaranteed by the government, and so they are a safe investment, and you are practically guaranteed return on it.

Treasury Notes and Bonds - Low Risk (Susceptible to interest rate fluctuations) , Low Reward

These are also guaranteed by the government, and so are safe investments that you are guaranteed return on, although specifically these are vulnerable to interest rate fluctuations.

Treasury Bills - Low Risk, Low Reward

Also guaranteed by the government, good thing to invest in if you have lots of faith in the United States Treasury.

Equities - Variable Risk, High Reward

Equities have high reward, but can be a risky endeavor if you choose the wrong type of equities to invest in.

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