Wednesday, May 14th, 2014.

Creating vocabulary assessment questions

Please use this link and explore with your group members.  Please look at how the questions are worded and entice critical thinking.  Also, look at how the answer choices are worded.

Why should I create rigorous and accurate vocabulary assessment questions?

The target to creating good vocabulary assessment questions is to make sure that you are challenging the participant to think outside the box and to use a combination of critical thinking skills and test taking strategies to complete the assessment.  You want the participant to walk away feeling as if they have been challenged academically.

How do I create rigorous vocabulary assessment questions?

Please view the links below.  View the links below to see how the questions are worded, especially the vocabulary and language questions.  

What to do next?

Once you and your group members have viewed the sample questions, then choose 5 terms that you want to create questions for.  You will type the 5 questions onto a google doc that I have created and will share with you to view and edit.  We will all add to this same google doc.  Please number your questions in the correct order.  Tomorrow we will have a review game session on the terms that you have chosen to be assessed on.  Please review your terms in your notebook, so you will be prepared.  Your questions can only be multiple choice type questions.  

Vocabulary and make up assessment from last Friday, will be Friday, May 16th.