Chemical Reactions

12 Signs of a Chemical Reaction

1. Increase in temperature
2. Decrease in temperature
3. Production of an odor
4. Production of sound
5. Production of light
6. Change in color
7. Fizzing or foaming
8. Bubbles form
9. Formation of a gas
10. Formation of a solid
11. Release of energy
12. New substance is produced

What are reactants and products?

Reactant: A substance that goes through a chemical reaction. The atoms that make up the reactants are the atoms that will make up the product.

Product: Products are the result of the chemical reaction between reactants; the substance(s) that form due to a chemical reaction.

Example of a Chemical Reaction

The chemical reaction shown in the video below is exothermic. This means that the substances are releasing more energy than they absorbed to start the reaction.


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