"CheckOuts" by Cynthia Rylant

Melanie May Core 1

Is it hard to talk to someone who you like? In this short story "CheckOuts" it is about a boy and a girl who are to shy to talk to each other.

In a small town named Cincinnati, a girl who has just moved there she is a shy girl, most of the day she stays in her room.

Then there is a bag boy from a grocery store, he was nerves he saw the beautiful girl and he was to shy to talk to her.

The problem in this story is that the bag boy was to shy to talk to the girl so he fells up her grocery bag and what does he do? He drops her mayonnaise jar on the floor. She checked out of the grocery store and he didn't get a chance to get to know her.

Its funny how people can like someone and not talk to them its like our minds are telling us no don't talk to them you will only make a fool of yourself. Have you ever had a crush on someone but where to shy to talk to them?

I think the story was interesting because it shows how people can relate to what is happening to these two characters.

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