Mrs. Vande Hei's Newsletter
January 5-9th

Welcoming the kids back to school was a little rough with such a cold week and indoor recess all week. This proves to be difficult for the students as their attention span is challenged and pushed to the max. Hopefully next week will be a little warmer and we can get them outside!


Our letter focus this week was on the letter "W" and our heart words were 'with' and 'do'. The kids are doing an excellent job at reviewing the reading strategies and adding expression while reading out loud. We focused on sequencing and retelling of events, while also matching words to pictures. During writing, the students made snowmen glyphs and wrote about what made their snowman unique. They are becoming fabulous writers! On Friday, we read "The Snowy Day" and retold the story using pictures that they cut out. They can tell you the story about Peter with their projects they are bringing home today.


Our math this week continued to focus on 3D shapes. We searched in magazines for spheres and cylinders. They are really great at finding these shapes in the real world! We also spent a few days working on different ways to make 10. We played games on the iPad and also used Snowman Sam to help us find all of the different combinations to make 10. We continue practicing counting to 100 by 1's, 5's, and 10's.

Dash for Cash

Looking for something fun to do with your family? Come support Howard Elementary with a night at the Green Bay Gamblers game on January 24th. Mrs. Voight, 4th grade teacher, will be "Dashing for Cash" during periods to earn money for our school. Get your discounted ticket form turned into Howard Elementary by Janurary 15th. This form was sent home in the Wednesday folder this week. (Yes, I am going to be there with my family too!)

Dates to Remember

January 15: Vision Screening
January 16: Early Release
January 22: 2nd Quarter Ends
January 23: No School