The Amazing Spain Explorer: Layla- Always changing the World

By: Layla       For: Mrs. Hershberger       October 31st, 2014

What I will try to Find

What I will say to the king and queen

           Dear majesty, I would like to leave for a grand expedition during the year 1492. I am from the wonderful country of Spain. I know that the main resources you want now, in 1492, is gold, silver, and land. Some things I want to and will look for are land and expensive gems. I chose to look for land because we need more living space and expensive gems because we could sell them to earn money. Also, both of these resources could make you, Your Majesty, richer so that you can have more power and wealth. I will go to the eastern shore because that is where you can find gold and gems. Other countries exploring are France and England. They are looking for gold and land so that they can grow on their power and wealth. I will handle conflict with either the other Europeans or the Native peoples I will encounter by trying to make peace with them. I will try to trade and claim the most land, but I do not want to start a war. I will expect it will take a long trip, so I will bring extra food and fresh water. Also, I will expect I might get lost at sea, so I will bring all the tools and maps I can find.

Where I will Go

I will be going from Spain to the East coast of the United States of America.

Did this guy discover Everything?

To learn about Columbus, click on the link. Then think really hard about what he did. Don't you think I can find and/or claim more land? Even if I go to where he already claimed this year, I most likely will be able to find expensive gems, gold, and silver.

More Info about who am going to ask and the King and Queen

       I am going to ask the country Spain to fund my expedition. The leader of Spain during the year 1492 is Ferdinand II (and queen Isabella I).

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