What was the use for dogs in world war 1?
Emily Badeaux and Kennedy Shearer

The dogs helped detect enemy

World war 1 used dogs for different things.These dogs were trained all the time and then they finally were trained to be quiet,and to detect enemies 1,000 yards away. By then instead of barking to let them know and Enemy was close by they stiffen its body straitened out its tail.meanwhile They were also used as messangers. They were used for many different things. they went everywhere with their team ( soldiers).

What is the treaty of versallies,and how did it change life in Europe in 1919?

This is the treaty of Versallies

During world war 1 many solders died. Woodrow Wilson decided to put an end to it. As a result, he came up with he came up with the Treaty Of Versaillies. The Treaty Of Versailles was a peace treaty, and it ended war for most countries. However, the government of Germany did not agree to this. Eventually, all countries agreed to this, and was signed in 1919. Therefor, world war 1 was over.

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