Rachel: Jacob's TRUE and ONLY love

The heart wants what it wants

True love can never be forgotten... If only Leah would understand, she will find hers someday! She doesn't love Jacob, if she loves me, she would let him marry me.  My father wants my sister to marry first because she's single and old,  I love Jacob so much, I would disappoint daddy and go behind his back to get married. The first time we met was at the well, where he kissed me with such passion, it made my heart melt! He cried after that, which is why I knew, it was destiny. I love Jacob with all of my heart, and I love Leah, I would help her find her true love if only she would listen.


Leah just wants to marry Jacob because every other women in her age group is already married.

She is getting older now and starting to get wrinkles, Jacob wants a women who is going to look his age.

She says looks don't matter, but that is just trying to cover up that her beauty is gone due to age.

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