The Sky

Life is the sky,

Open, free, hopeful.

You look up at it and wish.

But theres always that cloud that threatens you happiness,

Lurking, taunting, until you give up trying to ignore it,

And you see its multiplied into something so big it covers your beloved sky.

You cant see it,

Its gone out of sight.

Your were so focus on your sky,

You didn't see the clouds covering it.

So you close your eyes and dream about a better place,

Where the rain never pores,

and the lighting never illuminates your tear streaked face,

Its your happy place.

Soon your start to feel warm again,

The clothes that once clung to our frame and drying.

You open your eyes and see,

Your beloved sky,

With it’s happiness reflecting off it’s self into a million happy shards of blue glass.

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