Chapter 29 Assignment

1. This means that Colonel Proctor had insulted Fogg in many things and that Fogg was owed an apology or a duel. The differences could possibly be that Americans use what ever weapon that they choose, while, I think, English men would settle it without bloodshed.   I think he is trying to show that Americans are rude by showing that they would never trust a man's honor.

2. The men forget the duel and fight the Indians. They are trying to get across the bridge. Yes, they won't be terribly late. That Americans are lazy and rude apparently.

3. "Before our departure from San Francisco, Passepartout desired to purchase guns for our trip in case of an Indian attack. While I thought an Indian attack was quite unlikely I let Passepartout do as he pleased. Imagine my surprise that after days of travel with no major problems, that I was in the midst of playing whist with my companions when Colonel Proctor stopped into our compartment and demanded a duel, I agreed and we ended up having to duel on the train, but before we could begin our duel what Passepartout had worried so much about happened. We were attacked by Indians. We were forced to fight and while I nor any of my companions were grievously injured we did lose Passepartout who had bravly stopped the train by climbing under the carts. We have not found him but our search continues."   - Phileas Fogg

4. A group of Indians who attacked the train that Fogg was taking. It never states but probably they were looting the train. I think that it was very common at that time.