Texas Oil research

It was on January 10,1901 when Lucas (the country's leading expert of salt domes) hit the largest reserve of oil the world had ever seen. Spindletop  gusher shot oil more than 100 feet into the air . It lastly nine until the well was finally capped. This affected the Beaumont area a lot because land owner were able to sell they land for high prices. Also the population grew rapidly from about 10000 to 50000 people in just a few month.

Other areas in Texas experience oil boom , besides Spindletop such as Navarro county: Corsicans and Powell. Wichita: Electra, Burk, and Iowapark.  They were a lot more oil boom, a lot more. Also because of this oil boom, they were social changes. Such as a lot of jobs were open, it made United States the richest nation that time, and it impact on transportion uses and fuel

Oil boom affect education because the Congress donated 1 million arecas of land to university of Texas and TX A&M. After that, that make them richest school that time. Also owner of  oil company donated a lot of money to schools and university. What effect do we see today because of Spindletop. Well transportation such as car, trucks , and buses. Also road we travel today on highways and airplanes we travel on. Oil is a source of electric power.

List of 10 items: sneakers, Curtains, candle wax, detergent, camera film, pen ink, plastic bottle, plant fertilizer, gasoline, and road. Gross item: canned good, make-up, bandages.

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