Carrot Phone

The new Carrot Phone is the best thing we have yet. With its edible surroundings, it is the most Eco-friendly phone out there.  With the Carrot Phone you can instantly get WiFi anywhere where there is soil. Eat the whole thing? No worries, all you have to do is but the steam back down into the soil, it will immediately charge back up and is ready until your next snack. Also some newer improvements are the virtual gaming program. When you buy this product it will come with a headset. This headset is fairly simple, plus it into the steam, and instantly you pass out and begin playing the video game in your head.

The Carrot Phone is the next big thing in all of technology. We have out-numbered Apple buy 2 million! It is only available in America, to all races, but only 8-43 years of age, anyone older or younger for that purpose is not eligible to use this device. We have let 100 people try this product and here are the results:

Tarry: "I honestly love the Carrot Phone! You can do about anything on it, and a bonus it gives you s nice healthy snack during work."

Go buy the Carrot Phone today, you wont regret it!

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