Characterization: Montag



Montag is directly characterized caring in the book "Fahrenheit 451". One example of this is that when Mildred over dosed , he got really scared and then called medical assistance.Then when she was better, he looked after her.Even though she claimed that she didn't take all of those pills. Another example would be when he was concerned when he didn't see Clarisse after a while. He started to get really worried and thought that she died. This is indirect charterization because nobody tells us that he is caring from the beginning, But because of his actions we can tell that he is.


Montag was directly characterized as ambitious. One example of this is when in the beginning of the book he said he loved his job and that he loves burning books.I would think he is ambitious since he loves his job,and most people that love there job are ambtious.This is an example of direct charterization because the words are directly spoken by the character. We dont have to guess or assume that he is ambitious.

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