Quick Vocabulary Apps

Recently, I was asked for some apps for promoting dictionary skills or word building games. I was asked specifically for vocabulary support in secondary but all of these apps could be adapted and used across grade levels and content areas.

Word stack is a word association game that can be used in combination with a dictionary app to help determine meanings of unknown words. "Stack"-ing the words correctly is highly engaging and self-competetive.

The next three apps work well in combination with the included photo/video app on the iPads. Think of having students focus on a vocabulary word and creating an interactive board for the purpose of defining and explaining the use of the term.

Shadow Puppet is a video creator/narrated slideshow app. Students can select and add photos and record voice over it. The app also has embedded lesson/integration ideas that are very helpful.

Thinglink by Thinglink


Thinglink is a online and app interactive image creator. Think about choosing terms or concepts and making them interactive by adding dictionary information or sample sentences or synonyms, etc. Please see student samples below.

Videolicious by the Talk Market, Inc.


Videolicious allows students to make voice-over videos simply and easily. Samples coming soon (integrating with a high school foreign language class.)

View my sample below.

Pic Collage by Cardinal Blue


Pic Collage is a collage maker where students can build the static images to be used in other applications or simply create pictorial maps of their thinking.

ChatterPix & ChatterPix Kid by Duck Duck Moose

ChatterPix https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/chatterpix-by-duck...

ChatterPix Kid https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/chatterpix-kids-by...

Both ChatterPix versions allow for the creation of 30-second messages by taking a still image, adding a "zipped line" (mouth), and adding audio. These messages can then be saved to the Camera Roll as videos to be shared or used in other applications.

The last few apps are good dictionary/apps for combining with any and all of the above when using dictionary/research skills. Each one has specific benefits to them. Try them out and decide which one works for you.

Dictionary.com Dictionary and Thesaurus by Dictionary.com, LLC


Tackk by Tackk, Inc.

Tackk.com is the platform by which you are viewing this information. It is an online poster/content maker that now boasts an app. Users can add text, images, video, audio, buttons, embed content, etc. The platform also allows for comments or the feature can be disabled.


If you have any further questions or want assistance integrating these or any tools with your curriculum, please contact me. Margaret Resendez, TLI Instructional Technology Specialist, Arlington ISD, mresend1@aisd.net, @mresend1