I was in Chicago assisting Douglas Kiang, one of my amazing EdTechTeacher colleagues, with a workshop entitled, "The iPad Classroom," a couple of weeks ago.  Doug shared so many awesome ideas with me, but this one really stood out. When I did a "The Chromebook Classroom" workshop the following week, I used it with my participants.  It worked like a charm, so I thought I'd share!

Video or Audio Comments for Feedback

On the first day of the workshop, I returned to our classroom after grabbing lunch and discovered that Douglas was listening to/watching videos that his participants had created with their iPads.  In these videos, they were giving him feedback about how they were feeling about their learning in the workshop.  The videos were short and focused, but they were highly-powerful for Doug. He was able to quickly and easily ascertain how his participants were feeling about the activities in the workshop, and he could adjust his strategies or content if necessary.  

Chromebook Options

I knew I wanted to do the same thing in my workshop the following week.  I loved that Doug and I were able to help the people who were feeling overwhelmed--as well as provide more challenging activities for those people who were ready.   As I looked at the options on the Chromebooks, I decided that Vocaroo would be an easy tool that could be learned quickly and that wouldn't get in the way of my objective.

Learning Objective:

Objective: Allow participants/students to record themselves to share verbal feedback about how they are feeling with the new material being shared in the workshop.

Vocaroo is an exceedingly simple tool for recording audio.  All a user has to do is click the BIG RED button to record audio.

To Note: The first time you use Vocaroo, you do need to give permission for Vocaroo to use your microphone.  


Record, Stop, & Save!

Step 1: Record
Step 2:  Click to Stop when Finished

Step 3:  Select from 3 Options


Google Forms to Collect the Links

I took 5 minutes to create a very simple Google Form with fields for the participants' names & links to their Vocaroo recordings.  I did tell them that their names could be optional if they'd prefer.

The Benefits to Audio

Overall, this activity turned out to be an amazing way for my participants to share feedback with me.  It took me about 30 minutes to listen, and from there, I was able to gauge the rest of my day(s) in the workshop!  Douglas recorded response videos to his participants, and I might try that next time, too!  

Article about Vocaroo

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I love this idea!

2 years ago

Avra is awesome! I just found this article on my Flipboard app. Thanks for introducing our San Francisco Chromebook class to Vocaroo💙