Australia: A look at it's social issues

A class project in Mr. Smith's English 10 at Cardinal Newman HS

Project Overview

Project Proposal

Name: Zion Vogt

Period: 3

Nation of your choice: Australia

Rationale (or explanation why you are curious about this country): Australia seems like a super tropical place. There may be plenty of jelly fish and sharks, but it seems like a warm and nice vacation spot. It seems like a great place for surfing.

Summary (of what you already know about the history, geography, culture, and social issues): Tropical and a warm environment. It has some issues with their military and people. There is fresh air, beautiful coasts, great food, and a low population. There is good transportation and great health care.

Prediction (about what you think you will discover or hope to discover during your research): Hopefully I will learn more about their government and their cultural things.

Discussion (of the importance of this nation in the global community, i.e., the “so what?”

New York Times Topics: Hungary

#1 They Say, I Say

Student Name:Zion Vogt


Title of article (in quotation marks):"Australia’s jihadist problem is much bigger than Sydney’s hostage crisis"

Title of newspaper (underlined or italicized):The Washington Post

Essay Author:Terrance McCoy

Date of Publication:2015

Essay main idea/thesis statement: Australia's terrorist problems

Quote:"There is a terrorist problem in Sydney"


#2 They Say, I Say

Student Name: Zion Vogt


Title of article (in quotation marks): Australia and it's many, many economic problems.

Title of newspaper (underlined or italicized):The new york times

Essay Author:Michelle Innis

Date of Publication: March 2, 2015

Essay main idea/thesis statement: Australia's economic problems.

Quote: "when times are not so good, things will get very interesting for Australia. As I mentioned Australian banks hold a good portion of that debt on their balance sheets. According to data from the Reserve Bank, international liabilities of Australian banks are over $800 billion."

Comment: Australia seems like a great place economically, however when times are bad it seems that struggles with their banks and debt. When it gets bad in Australia, it gets BAD.

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2 years ago

I really like how your back round picture is the sharks because it is different from everyones other progects. Also I like what you write about the articles.

2 years ago

The most important message in this article is about the nice weather in Australia.

2 years ago

interesting... and how do you think that sending more troops to Taji will benefit Australia in relation to the surrounding areas.

2 years ago
2 years ago

I like your tackk it has a lot of good information

2 years ago

What is Australia doing to get out of debt?

2 years ago

@willforni they are trying to make abetter middle class