Steph Curry Role Model Project

Steph Curry is a good role model.

Three things he promotes are... being humble, smarts, and being in shape.

Steph Curry is the voice of my generation because he is smart, humble, and athletic. As it states in my first citation, "The small liberal arts school hosts a Division I basketball program, but is much better known for its rigorous academics than for competitive hooping." Steph Curry went to a school that was more known for being smart than being athletic. He also finished up his college degree while in the NBA.  

Steph Curry is also very humble. As it states in an article, "'He’s probably one of the most humble superstars I’ve ever met,' said Warriors forward Harrison Barnes. 'A lot of that is based on his faith. He’s a guy who not only talks it; he lives it. I think he garners a lot of respect in this locker room because of that.'” Steph knows that what he has is not to be taken for granted, but he stills stays humble about basketball. Steph credits everything to his faith. He never gets a big head.

Steph is also in very good shape. He is very athletic. He keeps working so he could become one of the best point guards in the league today. He is currently number 2 in the MVP race because of how hard he works.