Volunteering Opportunities in India

If you possess a caring nature and wish to provide help to the needy and the underprivileged, then here is a chance for you to bring about a change in the country for the better, by indulging in volunteer work.

If the conditions under which a number of children survive in the country appal you, then there is a great possibility you can help spread awareness through the act of volunteering. You can become a child’s right activist and join your nearest NGO or initiate your own group in the neighbourhood. This way, you can encourage fellow enthusiasts to become a part of this movement, who can in turn, help eliminate and eradicate the root-cause that affects children.

Why to volunteer for NGO of Child Rights?

There are millions of children who are devoid of basic healthcare, protection, education and are constantly exploited. These children are forced to withhold their dreams because of their unfortunate hand-to-mouth circumstances. They begin working at a tender age to fend for themselves/their families or are involved in anti-social activities, instead of acquiring a basic education. Even children of commercial sex workers lead a miserable life since they are stereotyped by the society and fail to earn the respect they deserve. The physically and mentally disabled kids are either heavily dependent on their parents or are put into institutions, sometimes right after their birth.

Doesn’t this scenario enrage you? Don’t you wish you could do something for these little ones; make their lives better? If you possess the drive to dedicate some of your time towards providing these children a ray of hope and help realising their long-forgotten dreams, then this is the right opportunity to become a volunteer at an NGO, the basic aim of which is to ensure that every child exercises his/her basic fundamental rights such as Right to Survival, Right to Protection, Right to Development and Right to Participation.

Take a pledge

Volunteer for an NGO; take a pledge to devote your energy into providing them with the basic rights and amenities that they deserve. Volunteers get to work on various child rights issues such as education, health, child labour and similar issues. They are provided with a chance to share knowledge and contribute in the workings of the NGO organisation. Also, if you are proficient in fields such as documentation work, research, organising events or the media, you can bring in your expertise on board and help the organisation reach out to more and more people.

So if you think you have the ability to bring about a change in India, then become a volunteer; be the change!