The Hoopster

Andre Anderson is a black teenager with a bright future. He loves to play basketball. He loves to hang out with his friends. Andre has skills, brains and heart. He also has a burning dream to be more than anyone thinks he can, both on the court and in the field of journalism.But when Andre gets his chance at the big time he incites flaming passions in areas no one ever expected, including the heart of his smart, ambitious, hot girlfriend, Gwen, and the hateful soul of a vicious gang of racists. Triumph turns to tragedy as a violent attack calls everything Andre ever believed into question and he is forced to fight an internal war with himself about how to do battle with silent depression and a thirst for vengeance.

What happens?

Andre is given a topic to write about for his News journal by his boss Mr. Jarvin. Mr. Jarvin tells Andre to do a story on racism and how it effects people. Andre is working so hard on his story that his best friend Shawn is worried about his social life. So he tells Andre to come by the camp where he works and he will hook him up. Shawn introduces Andre to a girl named Gwen which later in the story he ends up dating. Later on in the story a gang of racists kid hear about Andre story on racism and they act on it. The gang of racist kid jump Andre and sends him to the hospital. Andres family waits in the hospital to hear if he will live or not.

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