By: Julia Douglas

Are you lonely? Some people are, and I want to help! So if you are lonely, then you can just use these easy steps to help you make friends! So proceed to reading this tackk if you think this will really help you!
There are a lot of people who are lonely. I really want to help out with it by making friends for others. If you read this tackk then those of you who are looking for friends you won’t be alone anymore!

How to make friends
A way to make a friend is simple. One way is, if an observation you see is someone at recess who isn’t playing with anyone it probably means they don’t have a friend. You don’t have to have just one. So even if you already have a friend you can have many more! The other way you can make a friend is more for the shy people, but anyway look around for people that are playing with others and ask to join in, soon you’ll have a friend!

How to keep your friend
Now that you have your friend, you need to know how to keep your friend. Here are two different ways to keep your friend. The first way, is to invite your friend to parties or fun events like play dates. The other way is to show that they are a true best friend, not just a playmate.

How to handle your friends
Now that you have your friend and know how to keep them, you need to know how to handle them. Sometimes they will leave you, or maybe not play with you anymore. But all you have to do is go up to them and ask why they weren’t playing with you. But they might move away or maybe even break up with you! But you can just reuse all these 4 steps and get new ones!

How to know your friend is right for you

Now that you have you friend and you understand how to keep them and handle them, you need to know if they’re right for you. In only a few cases, if you have the same likes and dislikes, but not always. This way is the usual way it works out, is if they show you that they are a friend, a real friend.
Now, you understand everything about getting and having a friend! You know how to make them, keep them, handle them, and know that they’re right for you. Hopefully, these steps work and you keep your friends forever!

Observation: something you see
Playmate: someone to play with
Break up: split apart
Reuse: use again
Cases: a situation

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