Atmosphere By: Brandon Roose

The atmosephere has 4 layers the troposphere, stratosphere, mesophere,and thermosphere each layer is determined because of tempurature. Also each one has a diffrent hight and pressure.

The greenhous effect is where the sun shines light at the earth and the atmosphere protects us from too much sunlight and lets just enough through and most of it is absorbed by the clouds and ground and some of it is reflected back towards the sun but the atmosphere traps it in to also keep us warm.

each one of the layers are important in some way the first layer the troposphere is where we live and has the right amount of sunlight, pressure, and gasses we need to live and it also has the righ tepuratures and weather we need and can withstand. Soncond layer protects us frome the suns harmfull heat and so this layer is hotter as you go up and it's filled with ozone. The third layer the mesosphere protecs us from meteors and other space junk but this layer is very cold and has less oxegen. The fouth layer the thermosphere is the very top layer it is very thin and very very hot and it is really hot because it is closesed to the sun and turnes ultraviolet light into heat.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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