by: Chamia Johnson


When I first saw U.T.A , I thought it was big and that many people could fit in the buildings.My favorite part was when the kids asked questions because they were going really deep into there thoughts and i liked how the students from U.T.A. responded.The worst part was the science show.I learned things but it was boring and it wasn't  good, also i couldn't hear because the people next to me keep talking . I would like to go to u.t.a in the future because they told us about some cool things and i would like to just try it before i judge it because you never know what you will find out.Next year,I hope to really see  the whole u.t.a and some  classes and  the nurses work and do a treatment on one of the dolls they have int the hospital and the doctor it would be really cool to see more stuff at u.t.a then hear it.

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