Important FAQ’s when getting a Limousine Service in Singapore

Riding in a limousine used to be one of the definitive ways to classify society class and wealth. Now, though the impression may still seems fair, there are already other means to be able to ride in a limo without having a million dollar sign that goes with your last name.

Although Singapore lifestyle is familiar to be one of Asia’s expensive living country, having the opportunity for a high end chauffeured driven experience doesn’t necessarily mean dispensing a lot of your savings. In fact even some of the top notch Singapore limousine booking references still provide affordable to reasonable packages and rates you may be able to acquire. To get you started, here is some of the frequently asked questions when getting a limousine service in Singapore.

Are all limousine services the same with results?

As much as these companies would want to be as great as the other, the truth is they don’t and will not. The first step you should be asking, or for the obvious detail, why do you need to book a limousine service in the first place? This is important because not all limousine service company is experienced on all possible objectives. If you need to hire a limo for point to point transfer when traveling, then definitely hiring a limo focused on wedding transportation services won’t be a good idea.

Are these limousines all licensed and insured?

Each limousine service should definitely have license number. This is important to make sure all transactions are permissible to the law. All companies should also be insured; this is for the vehicles’ liability coverage. You can always, and have the right, to ask the company for these details. Avoid those who resist showing permits and other law abiding rules as you don’t want to get involved in any colorum entrapments.

Do you screen your drivers?

This is another important factor to consider. All chauffeured hired by these limousine services in Singapore are carefully screened to assess their skills, efficiency, as well as safety to the clients. They undergo drug test and physical examinations before being hired. Good limousine companies also undergo background checks on applicants. Least to say, another part of their screening is how well they are familiar on the road, their driving record, and general driving proficiency.

What is included in the payment and it’s hourly rate?

Usually the rates for limousine services in Singapore include the vehicle, parking fees, chauffeur, fuel, holiday surcharge, airport surcharge, toll fee, and government & service tax. Generally, these services also offer a minimum booking of three consecutive hours. Exceeding hours beyond grace period would require added payment. Rates would depend on number of hours, fleet size, service, and destination.