Chapter 3 Project Comparing Estimates
Tim Goudemont
Feb. 5, 2014

In Chapter 3 Project I must survey 25 people what the population is of Holland. I have to ask people from 6th grade or older. The chance will be really unlikely that the person will have the exact answer. So I made a choice that people will be right if they estimate between 16 million and 17 million (The population of Holland is 16,817,145). When I got the data I started to make a table to organize and their estimates. In the table we also had to put the name and the age to make it clear. After we had to compare the estimates to the accurate number.

This is me, Tim, playing a game called Mr. Snee Key

When I completed the survey, I realized that there was something really funny that happened. The people that got it right are from Holland, so it was really likely that they knew their own population of their homeland. The only people that were low or high were from different countries. 2/25 of the people estimated too high, which is 8%. 9/25 of the people were too low, which is 36%. 14/25 of the people had a good estimate, which is 56%. I think people that were off, didn't know the population of Holland. For example, a person from Chile thought there was a small amount of people in Holland. But even though Holland is really small, the population is really big. That's why a lot of people from different countries got it wrong.

I found the percent how far they were off by doing some steps. If they were too high I had to find the difference between the estimate and the real answer. If I found the answer I divided the difference by the real answer. When it became into a decimal, I had to multiply the decimal by one hundred. If they were too low I had to find the difference between the estimate and the real answer. When I found the difference I divide it by the estimate. When I got the decimal I multiplied it by one hundred.

Here is my table that I made:

Here above you can see that some people were really off and some weren't. In the next table I am going to show what the difference was of the estimate and the real answer from the people I surveyed. I am also going to write the percent they were off.

I do want to congratulate Hedwig and Carol. They estimated the closest. They were only o.10% off. I went to their house last week and gave them a treat because they estimated they estimated the closest. The last thing I want to show you, is 5 people that I surveyed. Here are the 5 people:

This is my dad he estimated 16,500,000.
This is my mom, she estimated 16,000,000

Here above is Shirley and Oscar, they live in Chile. Shirley estimated 15,000, and Oscar estimated 5,000,000.

This is Hedwig, she comes from Holland and she estimated the closest. Congrats!!

Thank you for watching and remember...........