~ Infinite of a Flower ~

Ashley Guzman

polar project 3

In my polar graph, Infinite of a Flower, my design depicts of a circle, rose, and lemniscate graph. The circle in the polar graph project represents the center a flower and the rose graph depicts the petals of a flower. The lemniscate part of the graph shows the infinite of leaves on a flower. When you juxtaposition all three graphs, the outcome of the project shows a flower with an infinity sign going diagonal across the polar graph. When putting this all together, this is how this graph got the name of the "Infinite of a Flower".


    I experimented mathematically when I used my notes to see how a rose and lemniscate graph would work to make a flower with petals. I also experimented with the equations for a rose graph by plugging in numbers to the equation to find the numbers and length of the petals. With the lemniscate graph I wanted to make the infinity sign large enough so it would not blend with the petals.

   While completing this assignment I learned how to work with circle, rose, and lemniscate graphs. I also learned how to find an equation with just calculating the numbers from the graph. In addition, when completing this assignment I learned how to create different types of polar graphs.

   I did enjoy working on this assignment because you got to get creative with the project. But in some ways I did not enjoy working on the assignment because in the beginning when we first got the assignment the instructions were not clear enough. But all in all it was fun to work with something that you can use your artistic skills.

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