The origins of the Aztec are uncertain. sometime during the twelfth century A.D, they began a long migration that brought them to the  valley of Mexico. They eventually established a capital at Tenochtitl├ín, now Mexico city. There they would rule until the spanish conquest.

Aztec map

Aztec Timeline

How Did They Dress?

Aztec clothing was generally loose fitting and did not completely cover the body. Aztec clothes were generally made of cotton or ayate fiber, made from the Maguey Cactus.

What did their warriors look like?

The warrior was a glorified position in the society. Aztec Warriors are said to have often gone to war in order to expand the empire and to meet the needs they had to provide sacrifices for their beliefs and rituals.

What were Their Cities Like?

  1. The capital city of the Aztec empire was ,Tenochtitlan now the site of modern-day Mexico City. Built on a series of islets in Lake Texcoco, the city plan was based on a symmetrical layout that was divided into four city sections called campans.

What Kind Of Gods Did They Belief In?

  1. For the Aztecs especially important deities were Tlaloc the god of rain,Huitzilopochtli the patron god of the Mexica tribe, Quetzalcoatl the culture hero and god of civilization and order, and Tezcatlipoca the god of destiny and fortune, connected with war and sorcery.

What Did They Eat?

They relied on what they could grow and hunt as their primary food sources. Because it was easier to grow crops than to rely on animals, the Aztec diet was plant-based and focused on a few major foods to give them nutrients.

How Did They Keep Track Of Time?

They followed a set of calendars to track planetary and solar events to make the most important decisions they had each year.

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