Digital Literacy

To teach or to learn about technology and the uses of technology

For parents who wants to teach their children about digital literacy, they should begin with teaching them how to use the basic functions of the computer. This includes:

  • how to turn the computer on and off. This includes how to turn the screen on and properly shutting down the computer by using the log off then shutting it down.
  • How to use the keyboard and what all the different buttons mean. For example the buttons like insert, delete, the arrows, shift, caps lock, and Esc all help with typing papers, short cuts, and getting out off sticky situations.
  • how to logging off the different user profiles. For example you can switch users or just log off.

-After they learn that you should teach them what the computer could be used for and how to do those things. Show them how to uses the internet.

  • How to use search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Tell them what they can use it for and how they should use it.
  • show them what will and won't work on these search engines. for example many people type in long sentences into Google's search bar, you only need to type in the key words. If you wanted to search "who was the first football team to ever win the Superbowl" you could just type "first team Superbowl." you don't need to add football because its common knowledge that the Superbowl is connected to football.

- with learning search engines they will need to learn website reliability.

  • should they trust every website a search engine gives them. No because some of them are ads or viruses. show them how to detect these thing. If the website you are looking at has little or nothing to do with you topic, don't trust it. If there is a security warning before you enter the page, don't trust it.
  • which websites are the best to use when looking up specific thing. For example when searching for mathematics it anything to do with numbers. you will want to use Wolframalpha is a search engine.

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Digital Access

The role that electronics play in society.

for parents who want to teach their children about digital access. you should start off with the impact of electronics on our society.

-How has the internet effected out society. This includes:

  • the environment, cultural, political, ethical, social, and economically. The effect could be positive or negative.

- You should also encourage your child to give back to the society using the internet. Make them think of what, how, and why they would do what they decide to do.

- How has the internet evolved and how did it go world wide. What is the history of the internet. this includes:

  • what is the internet, what does the internet do, and how does it do what it does.
  • who invented the internet and what was its original purpose.
  • how has it evolved starting at Sputnik and ending with Seti@home.

- Who is accesiable to the internet.

  • what is a digital divide.
  • why is there a digital divide.
  • are we doing anything about the digital divide. If so, what are we doing and why are we doing it.

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Digital Health and Wellness

How out physical and psychological well begin is affected using technology.

For parents who want to teach their children about digital health and wellness you should begin with Ergonomics.

-Ergonomics includes:

  • Posture, eyesight, and physical ability. How can they keep all these things healthy and from deteriorating while using devices.

-Internet addictions

  • What is internet addiction.
  • Is internet addiction real.
  • The signs of internet addiction.
  • How can you over come internet addiction.

-Technology affects on out life. This is referring to have we became to depended on our devices.

  • Show you child there are other ways to get information. For example they could ask for help from their teachers or go to libraries.
  • Show you child there are other ways to have fun other then playing games on the internet or using social sites. Make them go outside, hang with some friend, or read a book.

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Digital Sercurity.

To guaranteed you your safety while using electronics.

For parents who want to teach their children about digital security you should begin with passwords.

Passwords are very important to securing you online information

  • How to create a strong password. A strong pass word includes all types of thing like Capital letter, numbers, and symbols.
  • What should and shouldn't go into you pass word. For example, you basic information should not go into your password

- Online appereance

  • What is a identity image and footprint online and how to maintain a good identity image and footprint.

- Identity theft

  • What are the signs of identity theft and how to stop it.
  • When you where on the internet is it safe to put your privet information.

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Digital Communication

Exchanging information electronically.

For Parents who want to teach their children about digital communications begin with the different types of communication.


  • What are all the diffrent types of communication and which ones are the most effective to show emotions.
  • Realistic amount of relationships. How many people can your child really be friends with and communicate with them all.
  • What charectoristcs does a real relationship have.

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